Manager on demand

Business Manager on Call

We will be available for telephone or email consultation on management issues as they occur in your business or practice for a flat weekly fee.

On Demand Management Consulting

Providing management consulting services on an hourly or project basis

Remote Hands On Management Consultation

Often by providing us remote access to your computer systems, we can design, implement, and advise you on billing, accounting, and other management issues facing your business or practice.  We can provide this service either on a flat rate or hourly basis.

On Site Management Consultation

Sometimes it will be necessary for us to physically come to your location to help implement policies, procedures, or applications pertinent to your business.  This service will often be necessary in conjunction with our remote management consulting services.  Flat rate clients generally will receive these services at no additional charge other than our travel expenses.



Technology Solutions

Through our Business Partner WTS Network Services, Inc., we can assist you with any networking, Computer Security, Computer Maintenance, or technical support issue.  WTS has specific experience in Law Firm environments and retail business.

Through another business partner, we can find a solution for your needs related to Communications including telephone systems, internet service, cell phones, land lines etc.




Advanced Consulting Services
In conjunction with our business partner Olmstead & Associates we can jointly provide consulting services in Management and Profitability audits, Strategic Business planning, Marketing, Governance and Structure, Partner Compensation