R. Michael (Mick) Henderson
Quinn, Johnston, Henderson, Pretorius & Cerulo
Peoria, IL

I can pinpoint the day our office was dragged, kicking and screaming into the age of technology and efficient office management. August 1987 –the date Paul Sullivan came to work for us. Paul’s tireless efforts and engaging personality stilled the waters and helped us stay the course on many occasions. One trait Paul brings to his clients that sets him apart from his competitors, is that he truly cares for their concerns. Paul is talented, honest and ethical and his approach to problem solving will be a welcome experience and a valuable asset to those seeking his advice.


Gregory A. Cerulo
Quinn, Johnston, Henderson, Pretorius & Cerulo
Peoria, IL

For more than 20 years, we relied on Paul to manage all aspects of our office operations. His insight, creativity and professionalism allowed us the freedom to focus on growing our law practice. The luxury of being unburdened from the pull of HR issues, benefits administration, asset and income management and the like should never be taken for granted. We miss Paul, but our loss can be your gain.


David A. Benckendorf
Benckendorf & Benckendorf, PC
Peoria, IL

We asked Paul to help us with addressing some administrative and logistics problems in our office and identifying solutions. Paul spoke with office personnel and made specific, practical suggestions to address our concerns. In addition, he raised a couple of points we had not identified but were important. His experience and expertise allowed him to quickly work on the issues and helped us focus on changes that were long-overdue. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve law office administrative procedures and policies


Paul P. Gilfillan, Circuit Court Judge and former partner at Quinn Johnston Henderson & Pretorius

I’ve known Paul Sullivan for over 20 years. As the administrator for my former law firm, I found his presence a huge asset because the lawyers were able to concentrate on the practice of law and Paul took care of nearly everything else. During his tenure there, the firm grew significantly, the staff seemed highly motivated, and our firm was recognized by others as being significantly advanced in the use of technology. I would recommend any business looking to improve their administrative operations should contact Paul, have him come in and analyze the situation, and then let him make some recommendations.


Steven C. Lindberg
Friedman, Anselo, Lindberg, & Rappe, LLC
Naperville, IL

I have known Paul Sullivan as part of my association with several organizations. Paul has been an active member of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), generally and also on the ALA Cyber Discussion Group. Paul has provided a great many members of the ALA with advice on management functions over the years. I am a member of the ALA and was on the receiving end of some of that advice. In addition I have served with Paul as a member of the Law Office Management and Economics Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association . Paul’s presentations to the membership on behalf of the Committee were of the highest caliber and always well attended and received. I would highly recommend Paul and his company for any management consulting services you may have.


Brice Watson, President
WTS Network Services, Inc.
Peoria, IL

I am not sure where my company would be today without the assistance of “On Call Management, Inc”. Paul and DD have been instrumental in our successful computer network support and consulting business. Since On Call Management is on the job I can focus on the growth of my business and taking care of our customers.


Sheri Busse, President
Ill Jewelers Association
Emerald City Jewelers
Quincy, IL

Paul Sullivan and On Call Management have been an important addition to our Organization. We didn’t need a full time Executive Director and we were able to contract Paul and his company at a time when we needed someone who was organized, efficent and knew how to maximize our cash flow.   Paul is very good at all these things.


Matt Smith, President  — Dover Pointe Home Owners Association

Paul does basically all of the administrative stuff including filing the taxes. He monitors and collects neighborhood dues and provides financial information. Compliance of dues payment has gone to 100% since he came on the job. With Paul in place, the inherently transient nature of the board becomes less relevant. It also allows a non-financial person to be the HOA Board Treasurer, since now all they have to do is contact Paul when needed. Basically it’s great. I am happy to endorse him.


Diane Vespa, Former Board member, Copper Creek Home Owners Association

Professional Realtor with REMAX

Paul files all the annual paper work, and takes care of all the billing. If someone is a late pay or a no-pay, he handles all the delinquency notices. To this date, our HOA enjoys a 100% pay record. Additionally, Paul is always available to give us guidance and answer our HOA related questions – which at times are significant, because our subdivision has doubled, tripled, and now quadrupled in size! We consider Paul Sullivan a very treasured and valuable resource to the continuing success of our neighborhood