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Protect Against Loss of Key Employees As you do your disaster planning, don’t neglect what might just be the biggest disaster of all — losing a key staff or firm member....more


Management is not a noun Management in a successful organization is definitely flOt a noun. It’s a verb and it means action. Management is defined in the dictionary as the process of s...more

Jump Start Cash Flow

Leak Free Office If you’re like most lawyers, you understand and take seriously the ethical requirement that client in forma tion be trea ted confidentially. But how about your...more


Lawyers Role in Staff Relations Past articles in this space have addressed employee productivity, office conflict, and employee loyalty. The view of these articles has primarily been from the t...more


Law Firm Marketing When lawyers tell me their practices are different than other businesses, I must disagree. I do agree that lawyers are members of a select group whose eligibilit...more

Jump Start Cash Flow

Knowledge Mgt Knowledge management isI one of the fastest growing areas of information technology, and law firms have every reason to apply its principles. If the data generat...more