Jump Start Cash Flow

Jump Start Cash Flow Every law firm experiences fluctuations in receipts and expenses. Maintaining a positive cash flow can be difficult because of factors beyond your control. In th...more

Insuring your Law Practice

Insuring your Law Practice Deciding how much and what kind of insurance coverage to carry is an important strategic decision for any law practice. While consulting an insurance professiona...more

Have You Hugged Your Backup_Page_2

Have You Hugged Your Backup_Page_2 And even if the data on your media is good, what happens if your office burns down? Is the backup stored offsite? And your backup system obsolete? Even if your b...more

Emergency Preparedness

Had it with Tech I t’s easy to get frustrated when computers don’t work like they should, when the copier is dovn, or vhen e-mail is undeliverable. These little irritations, ...more

Emergency Preparedness

Financial Management Reports_Page_1 Management and financial reports are an historical account of where you’ve been. Used properly, they can help you to make decisions about the future of your pr...more


Entrepreneur Is your practice equipped to meet the challenges sweeping the legal profession? It seems lawyers are under siege. Clients are becoming more demanding and less lo...more